Newspaper Report
by Satish Jha
DNA, Surat (Guj)


DNA Ahmedabad Tells
How Students are Using Mind Machines for Memory, Stress, Exams

A Note from Raj Bapna: By the way, the author of the above DNA article is Surat-based Mr Satish Jha, who personally called me in Udaipur and perhaps spent 30 minutes asking many questions about the mind machine. Being a good journalist, he also asked me names and phone numbers of some of the customers in Gujarat, and then called them and talked to the real students who are using the mind machine and also their parents. And, only then he wrote this article. This is a very well written article and you may read it parts of it below (some key parts highlighted by us and not the author).

Now, a mind machine

to boost memory

According to some users, the device has helped them in reducing stress


After psychological counselling, yoga and meditation to boost memory power prior to board exams, students have found a new way to control their anxiety and also the stress level and suicidal tendencies. Many board examinees across the state are taking help of mind machines for this purpose.

     "As the exam pressure mounted, I was not able to concentrate on studies. I found it tough to memorise things and I felt depressed. Some days back, my father took me to a psychiatrist's clinic where I came across the mind machine. I could straightaway feel its impact. After three days, I felt a lot more relaxed," said Divya Desai, a class 10 student at Experimental School, Surat.

     Students' parents are also convinced that the device named mind machine reduces the stress level and boost memory power.

     "It's really good and I am convinced that even if it can not do wonders, it at least helps my son control his stress level and improve the concentration," said R Muralidhar Rao, general manager in reliance industries at Silvasa and father of a board examinee Shridhar Rao.

     "Mind machines increase your meditation power in a short period. Actually, our mind is always filled with so many things and that is the reason we always remain sub-conscious. This device throws the sub-conscious motion out of our mind and helps it calm down," claims Dipak Gohel, an Ahmedabad-based psychiatrist. He said many board aspirants and even elderly people were also coming to take help from this device. As a matter of fact, Rudresh Vyas, dean of psychology department at MTB Arts College, Surat, has done his PhD on the working of mind machine under the title of "The Effect of Electromagnetic Waves and Rhythmic Sound for Learning Behaviour".

     Vyas says, "Mind machines are new for our country, but in Western counties such machines have been in use for more than 60 years mainly to improve academic and sports performance," he said. "The device has been developed with the help of light and sound. They actually stimulate various parts of the brain and change the pattern of brainwaves in a jiffy. Through this process, the device can bring your mind at a level which can only be attained by practicing yoga and meditation which takes a long time," said Rudresh Vyas.


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