With More Competition and with More Coaching Institutes, Getting Selected is Becoming Harder and Harder.

The Biggest Success Factor will be Your Ability to Concentrate Better, So You Can Finish the Syllabus in Limited Time and Remember in the Exams to Get More Marks and Higher Rank.

Mind Machine Changes Brainwaves and Builds Beliefs, Allowing Students to Study with Better Memory and Concentration

25 Year Journey

Raj Bapna photo

Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I got 5th rank in Rajasthan Board, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank.

I studied at BITS and IIT, and worked at Intel in California.

What Dr Rudresh Vyas,
Who Did PhD on Our Mind Machine, Says ...

Dr Vyas became interested in our mind machine when he saw a professor of psychology using it for his wife who was suffering a lot of pain due to cancer, and to his surprise she got much pain relief. That is when Dr Vyas decided to do PhD to see if the mind machine can help students get more marks in exams.

"Mind machines are new for our country, but in Western counties such machines have been in use for more than 60 years mainly to improve academic and sports performance .. The device has been developed with the help of light and sound.

     They actually stimulate various parts of the brain and change the pattern of brainwaves in a jiffy.

     Through this process, the device can bring your mind at a level which can only be attained by practicing yoga and meditation which takes a long time."

     The title of my Ph. D. thesis was "The effects of electro magnetic waves and rhythmic sound on learning behaviour".

     I conducted comprehensive research using Mind Machine and covering subjects like Neurology, Brain Chemistry, Physiology, and Psychology.

     Students were divided into two groups, Control and Experiment group. Experiment group was offered 60 sessions of Mind Machine.

     My conclusion from my Ph. D. research is that Mind Machine is useful for the improvement in the academic performance...

     For my research, I was awarded Ph. D. in 2005 from Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar, Anand."

-- Dr Rudresh Vyas, Dean of Psychology Department
at MTB Arts College, Surat. In an interview in DNA.

What an IIT Chennai Educated Engineer from Bangalore Says

M Vinod Kumar, IIT Chennai Educated
Software Engineer from Bangalore (1:04 minutes)

Hi Raj,

The Mind Machine is a wonderful motivator. I got it on Friday. When I first used the [program] "enter the active learning state", I felt that I went into a relaxed state ...

After the first usage the learning effect was there for more than 2 hours. After that I slept for the day. During those 2 hours I completed one book "Quantum Mechanics 1: The Breakthrough" by G. Venkatraman. During the weekend I finished 3 books. A novel by John Grisham "Street Lawyer" and "A short history of nearly every thing...by Bill Bryson". Reading is fun with #2 and #3 ...

I can't wait to complete my first one month with the machine and meet the genius in me. I guess I already have had a glimpse of my side.

Thanking you for your wonderful gift,



Vinod Kumar, Bangalore (KA) 

If you get only 50% or even just 20 to 30% as much benefit as Vinod Kumar, will it help you to prepare better for your exam and improve your success?

Thousands of Mind Machine Users since 1993

For over 25 years now, I’ve been helping students to study with better memory and concentration, and be able to cover huge course material without worries and tension, and also have more energy daily because of better sleep with the mind machine.

We developed India's only mind machine in 1993, and since then, there have been different versions and the latest version is called Super IQ 7.

Thousands and thousands of students and others have been using our mind machines in the past 25 years.

With Social Media, New Problems are Making Our Brain Technologies Even More Important Now ...

People are getting lonely because of being in front of social media and Internet.

Many are feeling sad and depressed and unhappy.

People are visiting doctors and also learning meditation.

Now, the competition is more tough and at the same time it is difficult to concentrate because of the social media distractions.

Today, the mind machine is more important than ever before for students to study better with more concentration and for longer hours with comfort and confidence.

Mind Machines are in Use in USA for Over 50 Years

Even though mind machines have been used in USA for over 50 years, it is true that very few people in India know of mind machines.


The main reason is that we have been poor in India (only recently that is changing as everybody gets a scooter, motorcycle, or car) and that fact that mind machines were very expensive (as much as $4,000 and higher).

It is like cars have become popular in India in the last 20 years because the middle class in India now earn more and can afford the cars.

Same way, the mind machines are slowly becoming popular in India as the prices have come down greatly and students can now afford them.

Slowly Becoming Popular among Students to Boost Memory and Reduce Exam Stress

Here is what newspapers say:

DNA Ahmedabad Reported How Students are Using
Mind Machines for Memory (for better exam results)

Newspaper reports how mind machines are helping students overcome exam phobia

What is Mind Machine
and How It Works

Mind Machine =
Hardware + Programs

The Mind Machine is not a book or course, but electronic device.

It consists of hardware and programs. Programs come on CDs/DVDs and pen drive. Full details are below.

No Techniques to Learn and Practice

It works automatically without you doing needing will power or detrmination. All you have to do it put on headphones and eye glasses, and run a program.

It Changes Your Brainwaves and Beliefs

Scientists have been able to isolate brainwaves of geniuses, monks and yogis, and then were able to create certain technology (which we'll discuss in a second) that allows anybody--no matter how good you already are--to be able to use this technology and have your brainwaves assume the same patterns of such geniuses. So it makes learning easy because you are in a highly advanced state, where you learn quickly and retain better.

This new technology is called Mind Machine.

When you use this system, you benefit from many unique/proven/patented mind technologies, which would take a book to explain in details. But fortunately, you don't have to understand the details of the 7 mind technologies to benefit from the mind machine.

You benefit in 2 ways:

1. Changes Your Brainwaves in just 7 minutes

brainwaves.jpg First, it uses various mind technologies to change your brain waves quickly to those best for learning, so your body and mind enter a special state of alertness and deep relaxation that is just right for learning. We call it "learning state".

In this state the brain waves on the right side and the left side of your brain tend to move up and down together and this is called "hemispheric synchronization" or "integration of left brain and right brain".

This state is the best for studies and learning.

2. Programs Your Subconscious Mind to Build Positive & Empowering Beliefs and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

You hear a different story in each ear.

These stories have powerful beneficial messages as part of the stories.

Our mind tries to understand both the stories, but soon realizes it cannot.

And in that moment, you feel tremendously relaxed and the messages can reach your subconscious mind and change beliefs.

This is the most powerful method of belief change because it is totally effortless. It builds empowering beliefs for you, so you can achieve breakthrough success. It works to overcome limiting beliefs.

Scientifically PROVEN
Effective and SAFE

Only mind machine proven by 2 PhDs and recommended by a Department of Psychology after 7 years of research by 5 Ph D scholars with 120 students"

  • 2 PhDs have been done on our mind machine by
    (1) Dr Poonam Dhaka at MLS University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and
    (2) Dr Rudresh Vyas at MTB Arts College, Surat (Gujarat).
  • 5 Ph D scholars at MLS University, Udaipur (Raj) have researched and used the mind machine with 120 students, and only then, after 7 years of research and practical experience, the Head of the Department of Psychology highly recommended it.
  • The university research scientifically proved that with mind machine, students improve score in learning, get more marks and improve creativity

Highly Recommended by Head, Dept of Psychology Only After 7 Years of Research by 5 Ph D Scholars with 120 Students Proved It Effective and Safe

Only after it was proven effective and safe in 7 years of research by 5 PhD scholars with 120 students, the Head of the Department of Psychology recommended it:

   "This is to certify that we have been using Raj Bapna's mind machines ... since 1998 for experiment and research in our department.

     I first started with guiding my research student Ms Poonam Dhaka to study the effects of these mind machines ... involving 120 students and this research led to award of PhD in the year 2000 and the thesis is titled: An Experimental Study of Mind Power Techniques among Teenagers in Relation to Certain Psychological Variables ...

     ... Based on our use, research and experience with these mind machines ..., we highly recommend use of Raj Bapna's mind machines ... for anyone including schools, colleges, coaching classes, libraries, teachers, and individual students and executives."

-- Dr Vijaya Laxmi Chouhan, MA, PhD, Head, Dept of Psychology
Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Below is the complete 2 page certificate by the head of the Dept of Psychology.

How Was It Built

It is World's Only Mind Machine Designed for Students

Several thousands of our mind machines are in use since 1993, making them the largest selling mind machine in the world for students.

The other famous mind machines in USA are designed for stressed adults.

My Story of Building the Mind Machine

For years, I got good marks but nothing great up to class 10th which caused me to worry a lot about my future: studies and career.

Then I discovered a better way to study, and just one year later, I got 5th rank in Rajasthan Board, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank, and as a result studied at BITS and IIT, and joined Intel in California... and finally returned to India to help students get more success.

I believe you can become your best that you are capable of. And, my mission in life is to help you in that goal.

When I used a mind machine in Los Angeles "Whole Life Expo" in 1988, it was a very powerful experience. I felt so relaxed and things appeared clear. It felt I was thinking better. So when I returned to India to help students, I purchased a mind machine and brought with me.

And, we spent over 2 years to design and build our first mind machine jsut for students. Our first version was developed during 1992-93 by a PhD student in IIT Delhi who later did important work for Silicon Graphics (a computer company in California).

The current version is 7th version, and it is the so advanced, there will be NO next version ever. We had to change version because originally, its programs came on audio cassettes, then on CDs, and now finally they come on a pendrive (which will not become obsolete).

When we develop any new programs for the mind machine, it will be available via download and on pendrive.

It is designed for rough use and built to last many many years without any problem.

Most Mind Machines Change the Brainwaves, But Only Our Mind Machine Offers This Big Benefit for Students...

A recent search on Amazon.com for "light sound mind machines" showed these .

Our mind machine is similar to many available in USA in the sense that all of them change the brainwaves.

Our mind machine offers ONE BIG BENEFIT that it is optimized for students for learning, so it changes the brainwaves to those that are ideal for learning and to those that are best for mind programming. And, that means the users don't have to research which brainwaves are the best for them.

For example, student programs (for faster learning and exam mastery) have brainwaves that are best for learning. And, programs for meditation have brainwaves that are best for different levels of mediation.

In addition, we've made other important changes to make it even better for students in India. For example, our glasses are practically non-breakable (because there are no over-the-ears sticks).

I Learn from the Best

This life-long quest to learn from the best has allowed me to make sure my students get the absolutely best tools, techniques and advice for their success (and don't have to waste time on other techniques or tools).

Each of the workshops I attended cost lakhs of Rupees, but there is no other way to learn the latest advances to help you maximize your success.

Here are the best 5 workshops I attended

Raj Bapna with the genius
Dr Richard Bandler

  • 1990 - (2.5 days, Courte Madera, USA) Anthony Robbins
  • 1991 - (2.5 days, San Diego, USA) Richard Bandler
  • 2008 - (6 days, Edinburgh, Scotland) Richard Bandler
  • 2009 - (5 days, Amsterdam, Holland) Richard Bandler
  • 2010 - (3 days, Amsterdam, Holland) Richard Bandler

What Dr Richard Bandler (who is a genius)
Says about Mind Machines ...

Dr Richard Bandler video (2:10 minutes)

Dr Richard Bandler is the genius behind NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). His research has revolutionized the understanding of how to use the mind more effectively. His students include a large number of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mind/brain experts as well as business people, housewives, students, etc.

What Magazines Say:
"Wakes You Up and Energizes You in 3 to 7 Minutes ..."

. . . program called AWAKE AND ENERGIZE wakes you up and energizes you in 3 to 7 minutes . . . poised to be a leader in mind machines world wide for students and executives.

-- Civil Services Chronicle monthly magazine 

In one program to ENTER THE LEARNING STATE, you hear two different magical stories . . . these relax you, change your brain waves toward the desired alpha or theta.

-- Business & Management Chronicle
magazine for B-School Aspirants

What You Get
(Mind Machine Package)

You get EVERYTHING including all hardware + a pendrive pre-loaded with mind machine programs. Plus books.


You get everything described above which includes the hardware, and a pen drive.

Just copy these mp3 files from the pen drive to PC and also to your mobile phone.

The mind machine is built to benefit you and your family and you for years and years after you get success in the exam. However, if it ever has any problem, you are supported by warranty.

You get:

#1. All Hardware

Includes the Mind Machine CPU, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Headphone, Cables, pencil cells, and Pendrive

#2. All Programs

1. ALEM - Most important programs for studies and exam success.

ALEM includes 2 programs:
- Accelerated Learning: to help you learn faster
- Exam Mastery: to help you take exams without stress or anxiety, to avoid silly mistakes, and get more success

2. Stress-Buster

It is a very detailed step-by-step program. It will help the person with most stress where nothing else works.

3. Awake and Energize

This is amazing program that you use for just 3 to 5 minutes and it changes you to feel awake and energized to take on the challenges and do what needs to be done.

#3. Books

1. Two Vocabulary Books

It includes 2 books with the whole vocabulary that originally came on 29 CDs. And, you get 2 free programs for subconscious programming to build powerful vocabulary. The advanced vocabulary covers these: CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT.

2. Vitamin D3 Book

Book title: The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3 My Experiment with Huge Doses of D3 from 25,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 Iu a Day over a 1 Year Period. This best-seller is by my friend Jeff T. Bowles in USA. My family has benefited greatly from this book, that is why I want to send it to you. As many as 70% health issues are affected by vitamin D3.

3. Executive English

Will make your English more persuasive and result-oriented.

Lifelong Benefits for You and Your Family

The mind machine is built to benefit you and your family for years and years.

Stress-Buster and meditations are for others in your family. Later in your life, these programs will also become useful for you.


If it ever has any problem, your investment is supported by warranty.

  • 1 Year Free Repair for CPU: Repair of CPU is free within 12 MONTHS of purchase.
  • After 1 Year Repair for CPU: It is at nominal charge including postage, currently Rs 480.
  • 1 Month Free Replacement of Pendrive, Headphone, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Stereo Cable/Lead: Free replacement for 1 month; then order new if required.

Is it for the Rich, the Poor, or the Middle Class?

The mind machine is used mainly by the middle class students for whom it is an important purchase because it helps them to prepare better and make the dreams come true.

While the mind machine is now cheap as compared to coaching or even a motorcycle, unfortunately, there are really poor students (without a cycle or even without a toilet), who cannot afford it.

By the way, the rich are not interested in it because they don't want to do the hard work needed to go to IIT, IAS, SSB, Medical or Bank jobs.

7-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Use it for 7 days, but don't be surprised when you notice the results on the first day itself

You will study with better memory and concentration, and remember more of what you learn. Guaranteed.

You'll be delighted as you'll begin to notice that you concentrate better with less distractions. you'll remember more of what you learn. Soon, perhaps your teachers and classmates will also comment on your new concentration and memory.

So, order the Mind Machine confidently and risk-free even if you are just curious.

Use it for 7 day and you will study better. Guaranteed. If not, simply post the complete package in original packing by Speed Post or good courier, and on receiving the parcel (it will take some days to reach us and that is ok), we refund 100% of your amount back to the same card or account.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?

Refund is not available outside India because of high postage charges and complex laws regarding foreign currencies.

Discount Price

Prices have been reduced over the years ...

Years back, the cost of this technology used to be very high (lakhs of Rupees).

If you import from USA, a complete kit / comprehensive package including a mind machine, accelerated learning programs, vocabulary builder program, stress-buster programs, meditation programs, and programs for mind programming, the cost will be over $ 1500.

And in India, you get everything at much lower price.

$1500 or Rs 105,000
Pricing Starts at Rs 11,990

You can order below using online payment or direct deposit of cheque or cash into our SBI account.

Order Now

The discount prices below are guaranteed to be the absolute minimum anybody pays. If the prices are lowered anytime in the future, you get double the difference.

So, you can order confidently that you are paying the absolute lowest minimum price.

Mind Machine
(Combo Package)
DoubleCombo TripleCombo TripleCombo
Hardware and Programs:
  • Mind Machine hardware:
    Super IQ7 Mind Machine CPU + Brain Booster Mind Glasses + Headphone + Stereo cable + Pendrive + Pencil Cells
  • ALEM program
  • Awake & Energize program
Price: Rs 13,900



#1. Vocabulary books 2: Vocab Builder in 2-Volumes with 5,871 Words. Plus you get the same vocab as free MP3 programs that are added to the pendrive.
(These words originally came on 29 CDs)
Price: Rs 3,490

#2. Vitamin D3 Book: My family has benefited greatly from this book, that is why I want to send it to you. As many as 70% health issues are affected by vitamin D3.
Price: Rs 295

#3. Executive English book:
Will make your English more persuasive and result-oriented. This is a 1996 book, but powerful.
Price: Rs 1,295



Only with Deluxe Package
#1. Stress Buster program
Price Rs 1,420
#2. MEDITATION Programs (originally on CDs; now on Pendrive):
  • 3 Meditation programs (Alpha, Theta, Delta) for Mind Machine
  • Om7 Meditation and Namokar Meditation programs for Mind Machine
Price: Rs 1,800
#3. Mobile Audio Programs for Use WITHOUT Mind Machine.
These are the only programs for use on your mobile without the mind machine. Use them when you cannot use the mind machine. These come pre-loaded in pendrive.
  1. Alpha (with 2 stories)
  2. Alpha (without stories I)
  3. Alpha (without stories II)
  4. Theta (with 2 stories)
  5. Theta (without stories I)
  6. Theta (without stories II)
  7. Awake & Energize
Price: Rs 2,700



Total Price
Discount Price
Rs 13,900
Rs 11,990
(save Rs 1,910 or 13.74%)
Rs 18,980
Rs 14,990
(save Rs 3,990 or 21.02%)
Rs 23,480
Rs 16,590
(save Rs 6,890 or 29.34%)
Payment OPTION 1: Pay by credit or debit card or Net banking or other cards or wallets. Rs 11,990 Rs 14,990 Rs 16,590
Payment OPTION 2: SBI Deposit Cheque/cash deposit into SBI bank or DD click here
Foreign Orders
(without pencil cells)
TripleCombo Deluxe Foreign Order: US$349

Any question?
Please email rajbapna@gmail.com

Discounted pricing items-wise details (replacement prices if originals get lost).
For TripleCombo: Hardware: Rs 10,978 (taxable: 9,303; tax: 1,675). Books: Rs 4,012.
For TripleCombo Deluxe: Hardware: Rs 13,001 (taxable: 11,018; tax: 1,983). Books: Rs 3,589.

Order Mind Machine now because you'll study better. You will be able to study with better memory & sharper concentration.

The prices above include everything including postage and GST. You get all programs on the pen drive.

3 Ways to Order:
(1) Online as above (2) Cash / Cheque Deposit into SBI account (3) DD / MO

Direct Deposit or DD

Credit, Debit, ATM Card, or Net Banking in India

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How We Send Your Order Quickly and
Delivery Times

  • Within India:
    1-3 days (by courier) and 2-4 days (by Speed Post ). For fastest delivery, we send your package by Blue Dart courier service if available in your PINCODE (check if it delivers to your PINCODE here: www.bluedart.com). When courier is not available (most villages, c/o56APO, etc.), we send it by Speed Post. After dispatch, we send you email with tracking number.
  • Delivery Delays and Special Cases:
    Delivery to J&K and east & north of West Bengal takes longer. Speed Post parcels can get much delayed. Speed Post tracking is less reliable.
  • Outside India:
    3-6 days (by courier). Some countries may have import taxes, that you pay directly to the courier.

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