Letter from Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji

“Complete Letter from 
Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji”
(Dr Devang H Dattani, PhD)

This Letter is About His Research and 
Experience with Our Mind Machine

Note: Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang Dattani, Ph.D  Scientist (Artificial Intelligence), Business Entrepreneur who also takes Spiritual retreats / programs on all sects / religions. Many people all around the world have formed organization around him though he is not in favor of it. He has studied in topmost universities of USA. You can get some more information about him at www.devangdattani.com and www.theblisscity.com where you can read about a new city in Europe being created by Dattani ji in 108 squre km and many of his charitable organizations. He just donated his many companies employing 5,000 to charitable causes.

This letter is about MIND MACHINE 777 specifically which Dr Dattani has had and is not indicative of new. Further research is going in to merge both technologies (new and old 777). This letter is dated 14-May-2006. 
Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji addresses everybody as Bhagwan.

Yellow highlight done by Raj Bapna.
------ Letter Begins Here ------

Bhagwan Raj,

I have always been fascinated by brain, nervous system and consciousness; so much so that at the age of 15 I was studying Artificial intelligence. The order of various mind-machines and mind-[programs] 15-17 years ago was part of that interest. Obviously I didn’t take them too seriously. Having known and learnt hypnotism, it was just a small tool that could give suggestions without professional hypnotist. However I kept on ordering the things at regular time-intervals whenever I felt there was a good upgrade.

My first encounter with mind-machine was not quite satisfactory. Except for the Go to Sleep program nothing seemed to be working or working spectacularly as were the claims. I tried it in various ways. The most boring program seemed to me was DREAMS without SLEEP. The people on whom I tried it felt the same except for the Go to SLEEP Program.

It was sparingly used just for the sake of fun or amusement. It never was a serious tool for me until a series of events lead to conclusion otherwise. It so happened that I had a cat at home, not exactly pet, as he was free to go, disappear for few days and reappear again at anytime he wished to. The cat was fond of sitting in my lap whenever I was in and sitting. It didn’t matter what I was doing, eating, reading, writing or sleeping. He would just jump on my lap. If I am standing he would wait in a corner for me to sit. If I stand up after sitting it would just try to hang on to me by trying to get a grip on me as if I was a wall. Well for that matter animals, known or unknowns, have that fascination of me even now. 

It was not exactly comfortable all the times. Hence just to discourage the cat as soon as he was in lap I would put the MIND machine glasses headphones and switch the same on just to terrify him. It worked initially but once the cat got used to it, he would try to get off the glasses and headphones, ultimately knowing I am putting it on him again and again he stopped bothering.  

That was the time I said let me bore this cat out of its bones. I started putting DREAMS without sleep, started increasing the volume to full. But it was not of much avail; probably my lap was more satisfying than the boredom of mind-machine. One fine day while I was reading I saw the jerks cat was getting… jerks that were characteristics of his dream state … the jerks he used to get more in dreams in his mating season. You see I have been probably born as a scientist, a keen observer, and an experimental, creative and innovative guy with versatile interests, hobbies and tastes. I had even identified 19 different voices that the cat used to make for conveying different things. So, it stuck me by way of intuition; that it is the dream state that the cat is going into.  

That was the time I put the cat under observation. I connected him to EEG that I had done many a times. And yes! Bingo! 70% of the time I was putting the dreams without sleep program he is going to a dream like state. I called it dream like because it was not exactly dream state, there was a little prominent conscious brain activity pattern which made me think that cat was probably aware of the dream rather than being unconscious of it producing exactly dream state. Probably it was LUCID dream. 

Next I tried GO TO SLEEP. Obviously as I had expected it worked with flying colors producing the Deep states as I could see in EEG of the little cat.  

At this point of time, it occurred to me that if DREAMS without SLEEP can work on cat why not on humans? After all it is designed for human brain! It occurred to me that the probably the cats senses are more sensitive than us hence what we need to do is to increase the intensity of MIND MACHINE. 

At this point of time I discarded the walkman I used to use in conjunction with MIND MACHINE 777. I tried various combinations until I reached a powerful DECK and MIND machine 777. I kept the eye glasses at full intensity. And bingo! Yes I started getting effects of DREAMS without sleep too.

There was no doubt in it as I measured not only EEG but REM (Rapid eye movement). Then I started experiments of the same on many other people. I tried various combinations of the programs.  

Obviously people were uncomfortable initially with full or high light intensity but slowly they got used to it. Once that happened, it was a quite easy to induce the states at will. I also noticed that if you tell people in advance what the programs was there was a little resistance as a result of which it took 2-3 sittings to induce the state or the state first induced was difficult to induce again. I noted that if we don’t tell which states are to be induced the person got into the state very easily which meant that if you yourself are user and if you really want to induce a state mind-machine can help you in that. If you put resistance it was a bit difficult to do the same (not impossible).  

My various experiments lead me to many conclusions. The mind-machine was extremely efficient in inducing mental states which could be recorded or observed like lucid dreaming, meditation, sleep etc. I found that in Insomnia patients the GO TO SLEEP program worked like wonder. The wonderful thing about it was that brain was sleeping only for that time it needed which meant that if the person had ample sleep, the person would get bored or would wake up immediately after the Go to sleep or in the middle. While those who needed sleep would be sleeping for 15mintues to 1 hour even after the program was over. Snoring phenomena was almost observable in 90% cases; more than that the EEG showed prominent sleep patterns. Other machines connected gave the same indications. Go To sleep was also effective in some people suffering from head-aches. People felt at least lighter and relaxed

Now the various experiments continued with the measuring machines. I put up IMAGINATION programs and then DREAMS without sleep immediately afterwards. This combo worked like wonders in 70% of the cases, with 70% people reporting flight-fight or merry-go-round stomach cramp experience characteristics of Deep sleep. The increased REM (measured by electrodes and camera) closely resembling Dream-state was in concurrence with people reporting the experience.  Also some people felt sexually aroused or were remembering a long lost memory or love life characteristics of dream state and unconscious brain on loose.  

One more remarkable experiment / result worthy of mention was MEDITATION + GO TO SLEEP one after the other respectively. 90% of people who were experienced meditators or had been doing meditation for at least 1 year reported total awareness even though the body was in sleep. This state has not been unknown to me as I have been in meditation since childhood and since last 10 years totally aware SAMADHI, while others were surprised like they were saying I was hearing my snoring, my body was dead or I was out of body etc etc etc.  Obviously the state experienced by them is not exactly the same as highest SAMADHI or MEDITATION or what an experienced MEDITATOR gets as MEDITATION is non-doing and not awareness or concentration, awareness is just by-product hallucination which too drops at later stage. All experiences too drop as experiences – spiritual or sensual or materialistic - are sabotage of nature to enslave you. But it does give taste of what is in store.

The most remarkable thing that was noticed was that even with people who knew nothing of meditation with 3 attempts 65% people got into this AWARE state. The remarkable thing about this is that with MIND MACHINE we can greatly reduce the time periods required to induce actual states of brain through practice or giving the person a little idea of what is in store for him / her making him not give up or take it as pure fantasy or imagination as some invariably take due to their failure. The various measurements through various instruments including EEG too confirmed that the subjects were going through the said transformations / states. In short MIND MACHINE did act as CATALYST. Obviously it couldn’t match the state induced by a person through practice in intensity or depth but it did give idea.  

The statements of GITA can become reality for such people:


(01) When all sleep, the Sanyami wakes and when all are awake he / Muni sees sleep (in their awareness).

(02) For all creatures / livings what is night, in that night the Sanyami person who has attained godliness remains awake. And when all creatures are awake in mortal, momentarily pleasures, that who knows, knows it as Night.

However all the above experiments and results though indicative, are not enough to prove the effectiveness of mind-machine scientifically; which requires exact theory backed by real-time observable ubiquitous data and results. 

Hence we plan to carry out mind-machine tests with help of our contacts in USA for research which may help us in Artificial intelligence and consciousness states a little more. We have a few theories which can also be tested. For that actually we plan to get data visualization of real-time functional MRI of the subjects’ brains during their sessions with mind-machines. Right now the research will be unofficial. It is at planning stage as of now. What does the visualization of real-time functional MRI mean? 

It means that we can see in real time what parts of the brains are being affected or activated in real time.  

This can help us in establishing the effects of mind-machine in reality, in real-time scientifically and also study the exact effects, produced if any or not produced. It can clearly establish either the functionality or non-functionality of mind-machine! 

(A few samples of visualization of real-time functional MRI – the above samples are not of mind-machine)

Obviously it is not to say that the mind-machine that can induce GO TO SLEEP may also induce Memory and learning or such states. So although a mind-machine may not make you a genius but it may improve your brain activity or functioning. And in the matters of brain even a 1% increase can or may translate into quite big results. Who knows? That is why I describe mind-machine as tool. A tool is that which helps you do things which would have required hurricane efforts otherwise. Remember the mind-machine is not a MAGIC, it is just a tool, and you will get what you already have but are unable to know or use it!!! It is a catalyst. The catalyst expedites the things. You will be benefited. How much we have no idea or proof of it. Probably the more you use it the more you may benefit. Yet that is something that only you can discover for yourself.  

A small example the same could be my reading speed. I was born with quite a good speaking and reading speed. I was reading quite fast from my childhood. My first introduction to speed reading was through Bapna's mind-power study techniques which I had ordered just out of curiosity. I was introduced to a new world with infinite possibilities. I could double my speed. Slowly I developed my own techniques and mastery. Now I can safely say I am no more into speed reading but I am doing photo-reading, what that means is I measure the speed in pages per minutes or hour. It all started from that little thing. Now I finish everyday one book. It takes me half an hour to hour to finish a 400-500 pages book. Yet I do get the gist of everything that the book has to offer. BRAIN IS THE INSTRUMENT – which never dies with time – if you use it, it goes on being more and more capable of being used. This is a scientific fact which I have learned from neuroscience. I have been student of the ultimate mystery of the universe – the consciousness – and now there is no I left and hence consciousness too has been tackled off to beyond – blissful- reality! I wish you all the best in experimenting with one of the most intelligent powerful divine creating of this world determining your slavery of space-time that is brain and nervous system (the kundalani). May one day – through continual use of the brain - the truth dawn that, ‘you’, nervous system and brain is the hypnotic slavery which bounds, thereby paving way for the ULTIMATE BLISSFUL REALISTIC FREEDOM and TRUTH! 

It may be just like a quantum jump as happens in real non-doing (SAMADHI or MEDITATION). You are in it for years and one fine day you discover that the gates have opened! An accident and probably all we can do is to facilitate cause effects and circumstances for that accident to happen.  

This letter is written to bring to you facts as observed by me/us over years… it is just indicative. Feel free to experiment to use the electric circuits of your brain or establish new ones or modify existing ones… you have nothing to loose! May the joy of adventure, call of unknown and zeal of consciousness guide you!  

Thanks, Love and Regards 

Dr. Devang H. Dattani

Compassion is the willingness to play in the field of dreams even though you are awake. 

Do not think that when one gives rise to the highest, most fulfilled, awakened mind one needs to see all objects of mind as nonexistent, cut off from life. Please do not think in that way. One who gives rise to the awakened mind does not deny objects or say that they are nonexistent.

One who gives rise to the awakened mind should know that what is called a self or a person, a living being or a life span, is not so in essence but only in concept. The names self, person, living being, or life span are names only. Subhuti, you should know that all the things of the world are like this, and you should have confidence in their essence without names. 

I am the infinite ocean.

When thoughts spring up,
The wind freshens, and like waves
A thousand worlds arise.

But when the wind falls,
The trader sinks with his ship.

On the boundless ocean of my being
Her founders,
And all the worlds with him

------ Letter Ends Here ------

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