Why I Did Ph.D. on Mind Machine and
What Are the Results

Dr. Rudresh Vyas, Ph.D.

As a student of Psychology, I had a desire to study effects of Yoga & Meditation on the behaviour.

Meanwhile, my friend who later became my Ph. D. guide, Dr. S. J. Patel's mother suffering from breast cancer. With a purpose to reduce her physical and mental suffering, she was using Mind Machine, which proved to be very much helpful.

Dr. Patel's father who was Reader in the Department of Psychology, S. P. University, suggested to me to do Ph.D. on the Mind Machine to find out if it really offers benefit.

Around the world, Mind Machine's usefulness in the problems like Sleeplessness, Physical pain, Migraine, etc. is proved by many studies.

In India, practical research studies conducted are not many, specifically in the field of Psychology.

So, I felt that I should carry out "Multidisciplinary" study to find out usefulness of Mind Machine in Education, Meditation, and Learning.

The title of my Ph. D. thesis was "The effects of electro magnetic waves and rhythmic sound on learning behaviour".

I conducted comprehensive research using Mind Machine and covering subjects like Neurology, Brain Chemistry, Physiology, and Psychology.

Students were divided into two groups, Control and Experiment group. Experiment group was offered 60 sessions of Mind Machine.

My conclusions from my Ph. D. research are:

  1. There was significant improvement in the result of First Year and Second Year. For control group result improved from average 50% to 53% and for experiment group from 50 % to 56% of Second Year.

  2. For experiment group, improvement was noticed between First Year (without sessions) and Second Year (with session) result.

  3. Positive effect was found of the Electromagnetic waves and rhythmic sound.

  4. We can conclude that Brain performance can be improved by giving external stimulus.

  5. Mind Machine is useful for the improvement in the academic performance.

  6. Better result can be achieved if suggestions and relaxation is combined with the sessions of Mind Machine.

  7. Students having poor academic result because of low self image can improve their self image with specific electromagnetic waves and rhythmic sound.

For my research, I was awarded Ph. D. in 2005 from Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar, Anand.


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